"Act, before it is here. Guide before it is confused."  




Susanne Strobach MSc


European Master of Science in mediation and management of conflicts

Executive consultant (focused on human resources development)

Quality manager

Mediator & tutor for mediators

Practise in Zen since 2007, Practise in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction based on Jon Kabat-Zinn since 2012

Member of the trainerboard of the academy of neuroscience (AFNB)

Member of expert board of family mediation of Austrians Association of mediation (ÖBM)

For more than 20 years trainer, coach, speaker, author, DVD producer focused on

  • communication & management of conflicts
  • mediation & mediative competences
  • mindfulness & burnout-prevention


Business experience

  • Trainer (in the area of economy, school and health care) since 1995)
  • Speaker
  • Mediator since 1997
  • Moderator/presenter
  • CEO of Susanne Strobach Consulting
  • Before 25 years working as an employee,  thereof 10 years in management (amongst others management of a students home and management of a nursery home for old people)
  • Lecturer for life-balance at WIFI Wien
  • Lecturer for leadership at WIFI Wien
  • Lecturer for mediation at FH Burgenland
  • Lecturer for HR management at FH Vienna
  • Lecturer for mediation at the Institut für Rechtsvergleichung University of Vienna - Juridicum (2004 - 2007)


For more than 20 years now, I´m accompanying people during changes in their lives – scheduled and unplanned, in their private and their business lives.

As a manager my focus is on my team and our success and I love my work and I find a lot of joy in it.

As a lector/teacher and qualitymanager sustainability is important to me and

as a caring mother and loving wife I set value on solid relations and a harmonious and cozy home.

So you see, my life is not different to anybody else´ desires – I live authentically what I´m teaching you - it´s possible to have everything.

If you have a tender feeling, there must be more in your life – more success, more joy, more laughter, more love, more harmony, more wellfeeling, more healthfulness – than let me accompany you to the first steps of your journey.

You identify the target and right from the beginning you are pilot of your plane. You are successful out of a mindful attitude and awareness – with yourself and your environment – and latest knowledge of neuroscience, I teach you and your team.  

My USP and basic of my work is mindfulness linked with latest knowledge of brain science, without spiritual background. You need not be Buddhist, to learn helpful methods for a happy and peaceful and powerful life.