"I was the least motivated employee, in my own organisation." André Blom, founder of the TMA-Method

Every human being gets born with talents. Often the working world requests skills, which do not always accord with our talents. The consequences are demotivated employees, working in the wrong place, talented people, that aren't fully challenged and only work to rule, and managers who do not identify with the company they are working for.

Can you relate to this? You are truly talented in one or two functions, but your job isn't challenging enough and your talents are not used wisely. You have reached the edge and sometimes you just watch your day passing by. Then, at other times, you have to do things that you do not like or you are not good at. Stress and anger become a part of your day and you are unable to cope any longer.

Imagine, how would you feel organising your work so that you can approach your day-to-day business with enthusiasm. No underchallenge and no overchallenge anymore! It outbalances the joy in doing, because your work matches for you, you work in a highly motivated team and you know the sense of your work.

You got curious? We have the tool to achieve this situation, for you and your team, your colleagues and superiors. Arrange a conversation with us right now, in which we present you the method and enter a new world of work with you.

"With this method you can solve EVERY problem within your company." Michiel Suijkerbuijk